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When Adrian and I got married in 1988 Claude Bourgouin had visited us and we bought life insurance. The next 20 years went very well, and then suddenly Adrian got ill. Bills were piling up and I had no one to turn to. I came to see Claude; Joel had joined the company by this time. I explained the situation to the Bourgouins’, they helped with getting forms the Doctor needed to complete, done and sent into the insurance company and as soon as it was approved I didn’t have premiums to worry about anymore. Two years later Adrian passed away, Joel and Claude were there to help get the insurance benefit paid, they stood by me and the children in this hard time to make sure there were no problems and was able to get back on my feet. They helped me get the Manu one line of credit to make sure the bills were still paid, while I waited for the insurance benefit. When everyone else has come and gone, Claude and Joel will still be in your corner.
Anne-marie Mowat - Mother of 9 children
I’m a 37 year old single father and this is how the Bourgouin father and son team have helped me throughout the years. I was born with heart problems and needed surgery at a young age. As I grew up and finished school, I entered the work force. Soon I discovered that I had trouble with getting work insurance due to my medical history. In order for me to have work insurance, my employer found Bourgouin and Associates and finally was approved for work insurance. I was sure glad to have their coverage along with the wonderful service because as the years went by, I developed more heart problems. The problems I had were not severe enough for surgery at that time, however the time came when I couldn’t do my physical work as a cabinet maker anymore and this was a big problem. My employer met with the Bourgouins’ to find a solution to my situation. As a father and son team, the Bourgouins sent me back to school for a career change. My wages were covered and College was paid. I was looking forward to the new beginnings, I became an Architectural Draftsman for the same Cabinet Company that I was previously employed and things were looking up. A few years as a Draftsman went by; it was now time for me to have the long awaited heart surgery. I met with the Bourgouin Team to discuss the surgery, recovery and benefits being covered while I was off work. Bourgouin & Associates made sure it was worry free and that was a relief for me. I was notified that I would be compensated for the procedures on my heart on top of my coverage. The day of surgery came and everything went better than expected and I felt great! It was an excellent feeling to not have to worry about my finances while I recovered. My compensation arrived very quickly! Thank-you Bourgouin & Associates for all the wonderful service you have provided me throughout the years.
Jeff Low – Single Father